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Navigating The New Norm: Sickle Cell Style
During the last couple of months, the world has changed as we know it. As the news of COVID-19 spread, the way we live and interact has suddenly changed. Within [...]
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Sickle Cell Patient COVID-19 Checklist
A simple, easy to follow infographic outlinging items to be mindful of as a patient or caregiver living with Sickle Cell Disease during COVID-19.
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5 Tips to Spot & Stop The Spread of Misinformation During COVID-19 (and in general)
We All Have A Responsibility In this age of social media where is it is easy to access information on the web, it is important to be responsible regarding what [...]
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SCAO Health Advisory:: COVID-19 & Sickle Cell Disease
SCAO Health Advisory: COVID-19 & Sickle Cell Disease. What YOU Need To Know. Dear SCAO & Sickle Cell Community members, As a health organization that is always striving to provide [...]
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Go R.E.D. for Sickle Cell
WE WANT YOU TO GO R.E.D. FOR SICKLE CELL With Sickle Cell Awareness Month underway and our #ONGoesRED contest in full swing, we wanted to introduce the awareness component of [...]
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SCAO Raises Awareness about Sickle Cell Disease at 1st Friday
On January 5, 2018, the Sickle Cell Association of  Ontario was pleased to join a number of other organizations from the health and fitness community to bring awareness to Sickle [...]
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