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Thank You for Your Donation!

Thank you for your generous gift to the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario.  Your donation will help us deliver programs to raise awareness about Sickle Cell, provide advocacy for individuals living with Sickle Cell and provide support to both Sickle Cell suffers and those who support them.

Your receipt has been mailed to the email address you provided.  Please keep it for your records.

Other Ways You Can Help

Become a Member

Membership in the Sickle Cell Association has its privileges.  Membership pricing for events, discounts in our store and access to a community of people to support you.  Join our family…

Volunteer with Us

Join our volunteer team to help the Association delivers its programs and to get valuable experience which can be transferred to employment.

Partner with Us

Partner with us to expand our reach in the community.  Whether it’s running a support group at your location.  Leveraging our reach into the same target community, we are always interested in hearing how we can join together to work more effectively.  Reach out to us.