Cecile Parchment was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1966.  She migrated to Canada in 1974 with her mom.  It was in Canada, that she was diagnosed with Sickle Hemoglobin C Disease (HbSC) at the age of 14.  Before having children her attacks were mild.  She did not know anything about the disease so she kept on trying to live a normal life.

After her children were born, the episodes of illness became more frequent and she spent a lot more time in the hospital.

To learn more about her disease, she began volunteering for the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario and the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario.  She also joined support groups at the Toronto General Hospital.   During her time volunteering, she learned of the joint Sickle Cell Support Group between SCAO and Taibu.  She has been a long standing member of this group which has enabled her to learn more about her disease and share her struggles with various members of the community.